Friday, January 14, 2011

This one goes out to supporters of athletics

Marysville School District is facing some pretty detrimental mid-year budget cuts, so the school board is postponing varsity and JV sports at the new high school until 2012.

Many people are displeased.

For my nifty reporting job, I went to a public forum last night where the superintendent answered a lot of budget questions. A lot of people wanted to talk about the sports issue, and things started getting a little rambunctious when some lady said a school's main job was to offer education, not sports.

Hoping to quell the impending riot, the superintendent switched topics, saying, "I'll be happy to stay after the meeting and talk with those of you who are athletic supporters."

People quickly quieted down. I wonder if they were being respectful, or if they were picturing in their minds the same thing I was:

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