Friday, December 24, 2010

If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, maybe you should just try again next year.

Originally Best Buy was going to be open 7am to 5pm on Christmas Eve, but corporate decided they needed to keep the lights running for a couple more hours. Best Buy closes at 7pm tonight, which means the lucky employees who were asked to stay longer will be missing out on family time. I'm actually kind of surprised the managers didn't have a harder time getting people to stay. I work 1:45-5:45 today, and if they would have asked me to stay longer, I would have turned them down.

Who goes shopping at 7pm on Christmas Eve anyway? I mean really? Christmas is on December 25th every year, and you waited until your family is eating dinner on Christmas Eve to go shopping. Go home to your family! Sheesh!

On a happier note, this little boy came in to Best Buy with his dad last night, and when I asked if I could help them find anything, the dad said, "This kid has been saving up for an iPod for a long time." We were completely out of iPods, but they were hoping to order one from another store. Fortunately Bellevue and Seattle had the iPod they were looking for, so I helped this little boy pick out a case and some ear buds and sent them off to customer service to order their iPod. They were so kind and grateful, and they wished me a merry Christmas as they walked away.

It was a tender little scene--this little boy who had been saving for a 229-dollar iPod rather than just having it handed to him, shopping with his dad who clearly loved him a lot. It was my last interaction of the night, and I went home happy.

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