Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote for me

Happy Election Day!

You know how political campaign ads are not helpful at all? It's always, "This person will singlehandedly bring about the apocalypse, but vote for me because I like babies." If only it were that black and white. 

Anyway, Danielle and I made our own campaign ad. We're so silly. And attractive.

A couple days after we made this video, I heard a very similar commercial on the radio. It began with scary music and sinister voices describing a politician who worked to decrease teachers' salaries and increase the number of students per classroom. Then the music suddenly took on an ethereal quality as the first argument was made for the opposing politician: "So-and-so is a preschool teacher." 

Oh good. I'll vote for the one who knows her shapes and can count to ten.

Here's some bloopers:


  1. grab the embed code and put in the html view next to the compose tab in your new post.

    I watched it and laughed out loud a number of times.


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