Sunday, October 24, 2010

Don't stress, don't stress, don't stress

During my last year of college, I lived next door to this girl named Aubrey. I think that was her name, anyway.

One day I asked Aubrey if she was stressing over midterms or something, and she said, "No. I used to get stressed, but then I realized there was no point, so I don't get stressed anymore."

Such wise words.

I decided to make "don't stress" one of my year 25 goals, although I've kind of been blowing it lately. But why waste time with unnecessary panic attacks when everything always works out? But things rarely go according to my plans, so when I say things work out, I mean I'm not dead or homeless and I'm surrounded by amazing people. And when it comes down to it, those are the most important things. Am I where I thought I'd be at age 25? Definitely 100% not. But maybe that doesn't really matter.

The main thing I'm trying not to stress about = money. It turns out I really love to spend money. Then I look at my bank account and realize I'm broke when I'm trying to go back to school. Good one, Megan.

So until I have an actual salary with benefits, I'm only buying things I literally need, like toothpaste and underwear. I guess I wouldn't die without either one of those, but I'll allow them to remain in the "literally need" category just the same. You understand.

On an entirely different note, I helped plan an amazing corn maze trip, and look how much fun we had.


  1. I like corn mazes. I have only been to one in SoCal but it was cool. It was shaped like a big Mayan or Incan head. If I was lost or lazy I just cut through the thin corn parts haha, I am a maze cheater. That's just how I roll

  2. Haha we would do that too. This maze was shaped like a haunted house, and there were all these witches and ghosts and stuff you were supposed to find. We were not very successful, but we had fun.


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